Want to conquer your fears? Join us!

Registration is now open for our second workshop on conquering fear! And this one will be even better than the last one.  So mark your calendars and read the important, time-sensitive information below:

Conquering Fear Genny Heikka, Pam Strain, Kirsten Holmberg

After last year's sold-out workshop, you said you loved it so much that you wished it was longer and provided more opportunity for interaction with other attendees. Well, you spoke, and we heard you! Not only is this year's workshop longer (we'll have the whole morning together), we've also carefully chosen a venue where you'll be able to learn, interact with others, enjoy an elegant morning and delicious lunch, and walk away feeling equipped and refreshed... and ready to take on the world!

Whether you battle daily fears, or simply hesitate in certain areas of your life, this workshop will help you:

  • understand fear (and shame – the fear of  not being enough) better
  • gain a new perspective on fear
  • identify helpful and practical steps to face your fears
  • move toward growth and freedom

Throughout the morning, we’ll explore:

  • different kinds of fear and the ways fear impacts our lives
  • some key truths that will help you identify and re-frame fear in your own life
  • how our fears can actually help point us to our calling
  • and how we as women can get to a place where we can take that next step, and not let fear hold us back

We all face fears; it’s part of being human. But you can walk with fear in a new way and move forward in freedom to live a life of possibility and opportunity, not hesitation and holding back. This workshop will provide a relaxing and beautiful morning packed with practical and inspiring content to help YOU conquer your fears. We can't wait to gather and unleash courage!

After all, you were meant for an inspired, fearless and thriving life. 

Space is limited, so register now. Ticketing closes at midnight on June 14th (no sales at the door).


Room location at Banbury Golf Club will be posted or emailed to registrants in the days to come! No childcare provided.

Want to hear more of what women said after last year's workshop? Here's just some of the feedback we got:

Thank you for putting this on! Awesome!

Such good quality. Loved it!

So needed! 
I thought it was great! Very helpful!

This is something my heart needed. Thank you so much.

Excellent! Really appreciate it and glad I came!

I would rate the quality of this event very high!

Thank you for filling, reaching out, and addressing this need! You were all wonderful!

Was comfortable, encouraging, valuable, and affordable. I could’ve stayed longer!

Very good, and with great applicability!

Well done! Needed!