The best part of what we do (and we got it on film!)

The best part about doing what we do at LIFT is hearing what it means to others. Which is why Pam, Kirsten and I love this new video so much. After you get a short glimpse of our talks from the last LIFT conference, you’ll see our sweet friend Jannica (who manned the mic like a pro!) interview women from the audience about what the event meant to them. 

We LOVE how these girls share their hearts! And we love what our friend Amy ends the video with–an important reminder she took from the night (and something we want to remind you of today):

You are not common.

You are special.

You are not replaceable. 

We invite you to take 3 quick minutes to watch the video. You’ll hear these amazing women share what they got out of the event (their interviews are after a few short clips from our talks), and you’ll be reminded that you were meant for an inspired, fearless and thriving life! 



You probably know someone in another part of the country who needs a LIFT too, so please share the video and help us reach and encourage more women! To learn more about LIFT or bringing an event to your city, please contact us here.

As always, we are cheering you on to do exactly what Pam said in her talk: pursue your purpose in life so that every day matters and impacts our world in some way! 

Much love,



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  1. Gennifer Mitchell on August 31, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    Really beautiful Genny! I love to hear all you are doing to help women!!