Full house, full hours, full hearts!

Our Purpose & Productivity workshop was a FULL night—in every sense of the word! Here are the highlights for you to enjoy:


Full house!

We had a sold out event and every single woman showed up! (When does that happen?) It was a treat to have so many smiling faces at the event, eager to discover their purpose and learn how to best live out their days accordingly. There’s something magical that happens when we gather together: the camaraderie and mutual encouragement is really beautiful to see.



Full hours!

This was the first time we’ve delivered this new content and all the feedback was extremely positive. If there’s one thing for us to change, it’s that two hours wasn’t enough! Most of the attendees wanted to have significantly more time to process the content. Watch for the next time we offer this workshop to be on a weekend where we can spend the bulk of a day together. We’ll be able to add even more tips to help you.




Full hearts!

Our deepest desire at LIFT is to see women live inspired, fearless, thriving lives. When we have the opportunity to impart some tools, encouragement, or hope to help you do just that, our hearts bubble over with joy. We heard from attendees how much they were helped by the practical exercises that taught them:

  • how to identify how their unique experiences equip them to impact others,
  • how to find (and live according to) their “why,” and
  • how to best use their 24 hours to live their purpose effectively.


All in all, it was a great night! But we’ve got even more in store for you. Be sure to watch our events page for our upcoming activities. Mark your calendars now for a “digging deeper” discussion on May 17th. We’ll share more details on that very soon. And if you want to attend our next workshop on Conquering Fear, save October 18th.


As always, the best ways to keep in touch with us are through our Facebook group and by being subscribed to our newsletter and blog posts. That way you’ll never miss out!


Happy to share the journey with you,