Meet our LIFT 2019 musician, Maddie Zahm!

We’re thrilled to be including talented Boisean, Maddie Zahm, as part of #LIFT2019! Maddie was a contestant on American Idol in early 2018, so her name may be familiar to you.


Maddie will kick off LIFT right at 6:30pm on January 24th—be sure you’re there on time to enjoy her incredible talent. (The doors will open at 6:00pm.) If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, you can do that right here, right now!


We wanted to partner with Maddie for LIFT because of her tremendous talent, her authentic, contagious spirit, and the way she sees people—the same way we do: as inherently valuable. That love for others is expressed musically in her song, Beautifully Human.


We know you’ll love hearing from Maddie from the stage, but wanted you to get to know this dynamite gal in a little bit in advance. You can hear her heart in these snippets from a conversation with us.


What did you learn about yourself through competing on American Idol?

I had two significant take-aways from Idol. The first relates to how much we anticipate what a particular moment in our lives will be like and what might come from it. We put a lot of expectation on those “pinnacle” moments but I learned that there are always more opportunities to grow and that we’re never done learning. The second thing I learned has to do with how other people perceive you and not letting them define you. We don’t have to take on others’ opinions of us—that’s a choice.


What have you enjoyed about being back in Boise?

I’ve loved how much I am truly part of community here. I feel that in the sincerity of the people around me, who’ve cared enough to ask not just about Idol but about me.I was especially touched, for example, by a gal who recognized me and, instead of mentioning Idol, she told me how much she loved my worship music. I’ve connected with some local college groups and am enjoying being part of that community, too.


Why did you want to be part of LIFT this year?

I think we’re at a vital juncture as women. I’m noticing a trend—and I saw it on Idol, too—where women are supporting each other better… an “us” mentality instead of “me vs. you” mentality. LIFT is a place to lift each other up. Regardless of our stages in life, we can support each other by sharing our experiences.


Maddie’s last comment expresses the heartbeat of LIFT and perfectly summarizes this year’s theme, #YouAreNotAlone. Please join us on January 24that 6:30pm in the Jordan Ballroom in the BSU Student Center. Tickets are available here.


Maddie Zahm is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter from Boise, Idaho. Maddie competed on the last season of ABC’s American Idol, earning herself a spot in the Top 48. Since then, Maddie has been performing and speaking around the country. Her shows are a fun combination of covers, originals, and her quick-witted humor. Her two new singles, Movin’ On and We Can’t Be Friendsare due out soon. Follow Maddie on Instagram.