This was #LIFT2019: Definitely not alone

What a night! #LIFT2019—our fourth event, can you believe it?—is in the books. You came out in droves to make new friends, reconnect with others, and to be reminded how much we need each other. No gathering of gals is complete without some tears, some laughter, and some food and we had all of the above.


Maddie shared with us her love for “sassy break-up songs” and had our feet tapping from the get-go.

Genny assured us that the awkwardness we feel in social settings is perfectly normal. (Phew!) And Kirsten urged us to “press in” to community when our instinct is to withdraw.


Our favorite addition to this year’s event was Pam’s facilitation of a “soul-sloshing” panel discussion. Women from a variety of perspectives shared the ways they experience loneliness with both candor and hope.


While this year’s event is over, we want those new friendships to take root and continue on. Don’t let another day go by—stay connected with us and each other:


  • You each got a card to exchange with someone for the purpose of connecting again (and again!). If you haven’t yet reached out to her, do it today!
  • Join our Facebook group—and be part of the community by posting there and interacting with one another. This is a place where you can find each other and get the support you need. Plus, we’ve got a bunch of photos loaded there already; feel free to post yours there, too!
  • Shoot us an email if you forgot to sign up for a book discussion group—there’s still time and room. Plus, if you’ve got a story to share about the night (maybe the new friend you made?), please send us that, too.


Thanks for being part of LIFT. We’re glad to call you friends. #YouAreNotAlone


Pam, Genny & Kirsten


P.S. Check back soon for more photos on our gallery page!