Want to be LIFTed up?

We always have exciting things in the works! See the information below to find out about and register for our upcoming events. And feel free to contact us anytime to explore bringing LIFT offerings to your location or group. Bookmark this page and check back often for our upcoming offerings. Better yet, subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you have the most current information.


Our conference-style event is comprised of three messages that reach audiences with humor, storytelling, and encouragement to live inspired, fearless, and thriving lives. The event is held annually in Boise (usually in January) and around the country at other times at the request of sponsoring organizations. Three themes are currently available:

  • Living Fully: Identity, Purpose, and Overcoming Shame
  • Community: Bravery, Bridge-building, and Living the Dash
  • Thriving: Letting Yourself be Seen, Finding Your Purpose & Passion, and Being Mended.

View photos from our conferences (and other events) on our gallery page. If you'd like to partner with us as a financial sponsor, want to bring a LIFT conference to your area, or have questions about LIFT, contact us. We'd love to have you join our community.

LIFT touched my heart in such an amazing way. I was the lady in the back row with tears streaming down my face. What you do is so inspirational and touching. I have started the process in trying to heal from what has happened to me and the struggles I have. Thank you for inspiring me to open my heart to start healing.  



LIFT workshops provide you with inspiration and an in-depth look at a particular topic. We'll give you tools to equip you to live more fully in that area. Plus, you'll enjoy a delicious lunch or appetizers/dessert and have a chance to connect with other women who are interested in the same things. Our current workshop offerings are:

  • Purpose and Productivity. We all want to know we're living a meaningful life and managing our days well. Forge a personal mission statement, assess your priorities, and marry them with your strengths. Our last workshop sold out, but you can read all about it and see photos here. 
  • Conquering Fear. Learn about the different kinds of fear and the way it impacts our lives, acquire key truths to help re-frame fear, and explore how fear points us to our calling. Future dates to be posted when set! Click here for workshop photos
  • Upcoming workshop in Spring, 2020! Stay tuned for details and be sure to connect in our FB group for the latest updates.

The Purpose and Productivity workshop did not disappoint. I came away with inspiration, direction, and practical tools to not only intentionally structure my days, but also, to intentionally live out my one chance, God given purpose. Thanks LIFT ladies. Once again, you nailed it.

—Dayna M., Boise

Discussion groups

We always have discussion groups going on! These groups provide a great opportunity to connect with other women, discuss some great books, dig into difficult or interesting topics, and learn and grow from each other. We love to create safe places for women of all backgrounds and beliefs to lean in to each other and understand each other better. Examples of topics and material include:

  • Book discussion groups:  Some of the books we use for discussion are Shauna Niequist's Present Over Perfect, Eric Reese's S.H.A.P.E.: Finding and Fulfilling Your Unique Purpose for Life, and some of Brene Brown's books. (We are currently digging into Braving the Wilderness as a springboard for conversations about connection and belonging. Learn more here.)
  • "Digging deeper" discussions: Do you think about or wrestle with the big questions of life? Reach out to us here to inquire about our next group discussion topic and dates. All are welcome; we'd love to have you join us! (Read this blog post and see photos of some of our summer patio discussions!)
  • We are excited to be launching our "We are NOW" discussion groups for women who find themselves ages 40+! (Never better, Open-hearted, Women.) We will be digging into Living Life Backwards--a faith-based book about making the greatest impact in the here and now. Groups launch January 28th; if you're interested in joining in, contact us here!

It is our desire to be in conversation with women of all perspectives and beliefs. While we at LIFT embrace a Christian faith perspective, we appreciate being able to link arms with those different from us for the purpose of mutual listening and understanding. By engaging in respectful conversation, we hope to share in one another’s journey and take steps toward the fuller lives we believe each woman is meant to experience.