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KTVB Channel 7 News Genny Heikka, Kirsten Holmberg, Pam Strain
LIFT in the news Genny Heikka, Pam Strain, Kirsten Holmberg

What attendees are saying about LIFT:

LIFT touched my heart in such an amazing way. I was the lady in the back row with tears streaming down my face. What you do is so inspirational and touching...Thank you for inspiring me to open my heart to start healing. You make such a beautiful difference in this world.

What a lovely evening with such a beautiful feeling of unity and optimism. We had a great evening and we heard lots of “yes” and “mmhhmm” in this audience around us!

There is something so special and inspiring about women being vulnerable, sharing their stories. It is incredibly uplifting and gave me all the warm fuzzies!

One of the biggest takeaways for me was to be authentic and to not be afraid to share my story!

“I’ve just gotta say I LOVED the event and am so glad I came! Thank you for all of your efforts and time put into it… Want to let you know how meaningful it was for me and I am sure MANY others there. I didn’t want it to end, could’ve sat and listened to each of you for hours!”

“LIFT was absolutely spectacular!!! So well done and professional. All of your hard work really paid off.” 

“Wonderful, needed this, just wish I could hear more!”

“I would like a whole day event. I could listen to you all day long.”

“LIFT gave me food for thought as I sat behind my computer all day!”

“I absolutely LOVED it!!” 

“It was just the shot in the arm that I needed.” 

“I went home LIFTED up! The atmosphere was inviting. Table settings beautiful, dessert delicious. Seating led to good conversations.  Format of starting and ending on time is so meaningful – you value people’s time which does not always happen with presenters.  The quality of each of your presentations was excellent. The order you presented was perfect. Overall a very worthwhile evening. Thanks, Ladies, for a delightful evening!”


“Shame is such a huge burden. I think it’s so important for people to understand God doesn’t wait for perfection. He loves us right where you are!”

“This exceeded my expectations.”

“Last night was awesome!  I think everyone in the room had a great time… I think you ladies are on to something!”

“We really enjoyed it.  My friend felt blessed by being there, which I was glad to hear.  Each talk raised some thought provoking questions.  Wish my girls could have been there too.”

“The social norm for young women has changed... LIFT doesn’t sell a product with a 90-day return policy. LIFT brings to light and discusses the stuff that keeps us up at night. By planting a seed of vulnerability and acceptance, hearts are healed, problems are solved, and real, raw friendships are naturally cultivated right before your very eyes.” - Emily

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