Embrace your life’s purpose AND be productive doing it!

April 8, 2018

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?—Mary Oliver

Those words have lodged themselves in my heart, constantly prompting me to be sure I’m living my life intentionally. I lose sight easily (sometimes in a matter of minutes) of all my plans to live out a productive day. Life flies by so fast, like a runaway train—is it even possible to live our days with both purpose and productivity?

As I prepare for our upcoming workshop, Purpose and Productivity, I have been reminded of why I do what I do: At the core of my being I want to come alongside people and cheer them on in their life’s journey—by helping them discover who they are and what their unique purpose is.  

I believe it is possible to live with both purpose and productivity. I see it in my own life which is filled with time invested into those things that fuel my passion and impact those around me…my family, friends, and community.

Do I do it perfectly all the time? Heck no!

But learning and applying a few principles and perspectives and practices has kept me on course. It all began with me identifying my “why”—the reason I do everything I do. I’ve also teamed up with my peeps–women like you–who encourage me to keep on going, who inspire me when I feel weak or tired or afraid, who cheer me on.

Kirsten, Genny and I are excited to gather with you on April 19 to share some principles and perspectives that will help you discover your passion and purpose, as well as give you some practical tools to help you manage “your one wild and precious life”.

Register NOW here. And invite that friend who’s struggling with the same questions to join you.  Seating is limited, and registration closes on Thursday at noon, so sign up now!


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