My LIFT Story: Claire Jorgensen

October 29, 2019

I first heard about LIFT from one of my good friends; she saw a post about an upcoming LIFT event on Facebook and shared it with me. The plan was to attend together, but unfortunately she came down with a nasty bug and had to bail. My first gut instinct was to bail too… I thought, “no one would know, and what’s $20 down the drain in return for sitting at home in my cozy, warm apartment, very much inside my comfort zone and not being forced to socialize with strangers after a long day at work?”

However, after much thought, I decided to bite the bullet and show up solo at this event I’d never heard of, where I didn’t know a soul… what was the worst that could happen? This backstory is intended to paint a picture of my mindset at that point, because I think it really drives home a valuable life lesson we all need to hear more often.

That night at LIFT changed the trajectory of my journey… it was absolutely the best night, the best kind of girls night you could ever hope for… one that lifts you up, encourages your spirits, challenges your norms, and gives you that kick in the pants-light a fire under you-let’s do this life thing and let’s do it together-kinda feeling. That night, I was reminded of my worth, what my identity really means, and brought to life the concept of community.

I remember walking out of there with the feeling I was on cloud 9 and I literally called like 5 people on my way home just to gush about that night and its transformational power…. I couldn’t stop smiling ear-to-ear.

Since LIFT, I’ve gotten the opportunity to connect with amazing women that I wouldn’t have crossed paths with otherwise. A few of my favorite moments have been getting out into nature with women I’ve met and going on hikes, mountain bike rides, camping trips in the rugged, picturesque Sawtooths, and shredding powder at the local ski hill, Bogus Basin.  Adventures are just that, adventures… but what makes it memorable is the company with whom you’re sharing it.

These outdoor memories have been with some of the most incredible women, where we have made time for each other, despite our busy schedules and seasons of life. We have been able to just show up, get out of our comfort zones, and willingly break past the surface level to get to the good stuff, where depth and vulnerability reside. 

As fulfilling as recreation and physical activities in the great outdoors are, I’ve been strengthening my mind and soul in the mental/emotional/spiritual area with other women I’ve met through LIFT as well. This has looked like attending small groups, informal discussions centering around vulnerability and often difficult/taboo topics presented to us throughout life. Sitting in someone’s cozy living room, on the couch with a glass of wine in hand, and having an intellectual, respectful conversation while tackling head-on some of life’s biggest questions–all while not having a black and white answer/immediate solution–has been some of the most rewarding growth I’ve experienced thus far in my life.  

Life can be hard and at times, it can feel lonely and overwhelming, but seeing through that haze and adventuring through the peaks and valleys with some of the best gal pals makes it that much sweeter and illuminates joy in the journey. No, it’s not always going to be easy and comfortable, but that night, as we talked about vulnerability and life’s deeper meaning and creating depth in relationships and knowing you’re not alone, it was quickly reinforced that the best things come when you make that choice to leave your comfort zone behind and give your best yes and simply just show up.

Show up for yourself, and show up for your life and the rest will follow. Real, raw, vulnerable, strengthening… best products of saying YES that night… so glad I did and today, looking back, I’m beyond grateful for the relationships that have formed as a result. It’s worth it, sis. Get out there and live life… you don’t get another one.  

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