Save the Date–April 20–Fearless and Full LIFT Event!!!

You’re invited! Join us on April 20th and be inspired to live your life Fearless & Full!

Fear is something we all experience… 

and we are experiencing it on many levels, especially lately.

Fear of not having what it takes

Fear of not being enough

Fear of not being liked

Fear of losing a job

Fear for our future

Fear of that nasty C(ovid) word 

Fear of the polarization and hatred amongst us

Fear of broken relationships

Fear of ____________(fill in the blank)

Let’s drive out fear and live full and thriving lives instead!

I hope you can join us on April 20th to hear from

real people

sharing real stories

encouraging us to know how loved we are

so that we can drive out fear

and live a full life!

Registration details coming soon!

You are so loved,

Pam Strain, LIFT Director

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